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Second information event of the project “Biodiversity Conservation in Restoration and Management of the Asbestos Mine “

140709-EventOn Saturday, 28 June 2014, the second information event of the project “Biodiversity Conservation in Restoration and Management of the Asbestos Mine” was organized in the Visitor Center of the Troodos Botanical Garden, in the Amiantos Asbestos Mine.

The event was addressed by the President of the Community Council of Amiantos Village, the General Director of the General Directory for European Programmes, Coordination and Development and the Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (represented by the General Director).

Following, the project coordinator, Chief Conservator of Forests Mr. Takis Tsintides, presented the project progress.

During the event, 10 women who had worked for more than 10 years in the mine, were honored as well as two former Directors of the Department of Geological Survey and one of the Department of Forests for their valuable contribution to the mine restoration works. 

The event included a short tour in the mines during which the guests had the chance to have a close look to the project works and was concluded with a meal at the café-restaurant at Platania Forest Station.